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2020 Beneficiary



Coached/led by Mike Lowe 

The Lyndon Institute Purpose states our commitment to providing thoughtful and rigorous preparation for students of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and beyond to help them reach their intellectual, creative, and physical potential. The Lyndon Institute Mountain Bike Team lives this Purpose by challenging students to educate themselves regarding the sport, it’s related equipment, histories, safety considerations, and more. We further encourage students to push their physical capacities by engaging in rides and races that challenge their skills at an appropriate level. Finally, we encourage creativity in all that they do and we invite them to become active in a community of other skilled and creative riders that can educate and engage them regarding trail development and maintenance, equipment maintenance and enhancement, riding, and more.   
The goal of this program is to create a team of mutually supportive riders that both educate and challenge one another as they engage in, and learn about, the sport of mountain biking. We further strive to help each team member develop their skills in ways that are supportive of their riding goals and interests. Team members from all grades and of all levels of ability are welcome. We strongly encourage and happily welcome inexperienced riders. For those team members who wish to participate, the Lyndon Institute Mountain Biking Team travels to participate in regional mountain biking races. The team participates in a variety of Cross Country  races in the Northern New Hampshire Mountain Bike League. The program welcomes riders from other high schools in the NEK to practice with the LI team and travel to races as logistics allows. 

Please contact Mike Lowe @ for more more information.

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