The origin of Peacham Fall Fondo

The name for the Peacham Fall Fondo originates from a) the community that Ian and Gretchen proudly call home b) the glorious season in which the event occurs and c) the Italian term "granfondo," which roughly translates to "big ride." Drop the "gran" and it means that the Peacham Fall Fondo is, simply, a ride for everyone.

It's not "Ian Boswell's Fondo," although Ian has now called Peacham home for two years now. The Peacham Fall Fondo is a celebration of the power of teamwork, a tip of the hat to all the hard working people who keep the beauty of the Northeast Kingdom flourishing. It is a gathering of folks who value the importance of connection and camaraderie over competition...and who appreciate a beautiful and challenging gravel ride followed by a good ol' family celebration. 

In its second year, the Peacham Fall Fondo lives true to its name. Last year, nearly every organization in the small town of charming Peacham contributed time, energy, and love to make the first annual Peacham Fall Fondo happen. The ride kicks off in the center of Peacham at the Town Hall; the roads of the course are carefully monitored and maintained by the dedicated Peacham Road Crew; the Peacham Volunteer Fire Department EMTs ensured safety on the course; the Peacham Congregational Church opened its doors for bathroom facilities; the Peacham Cafe provided delicious and nutritious breakfast nibbles and coffee; the Peacham Elementary School hosted a rest stop along the course; and the Peacham Library topped it all off with too-large slices of apple pie made by community members. And this year we are proud to include a route for the next generation of cyclists and strong community members... 


Come ride with us to feel the power and impact of a small community with a big heart. It's the reason Ian and Gretchen were able to dream up this ride in the first place. We'd love to meet you!

56 Church Street, Peacham, VT 05862